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The CSR, Holcim, Wilmar & Viridian Staff Association

The CSR, Holcim, Wilmar & Viridian Staff Association, known as Salaried Staff United, was formed over 80 years ago expressly for the benefit and advantage of all CSR/Holcim/Wilmar and Viridian salaried employees. Since its registration in 1942, the Association has been the vehicle that has allowed staff to have their say in their working terms and conditions and their working environment.

The Association is overseen by an Executive Council of elected staff representatives covering a variety of skills and professions, with the day to day affairs managed by staff employed by the Association.

The Association:

Has no political affiliations therefore does not donate any of your contributions to support any politician or political party.
Is not affiliated with the ACTU or any of the various State or Territory Trades and Labor Councils.
Uses all member contributions to run the Association for the benefit of its members.
Assists members to gain better terms and conditions of employment, represent them in industrial tribunals, provides timely and accurate information on employment contracts, enterprise agreements, awards and other industrial matters and will intervene on behalf of members as and when required.
The Association is registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 as an organisation of employees.

It's the only body recognised by CSR, Holcim, Wilmar and Viridian to represent the interests of staff employees of these companies and their subsidairies. We are professional and are able to call upon the vast experience and skills of our membership in such areas as employment, industrial, personnel and superannuation.

We are fiercely independent of CSR, Holcim, Wilmar, and Viridian, and other outside influences
The Association works to improve terms and conditions of employment through its continuing efforts to ensure CSR, Holcim, Wilmar and Viridian continue to honor:

  • CSR Employee Contracts, Staff Enterprise Agreements and Modern Awards where applicable
  • Holcim Employee Contracts, Enterprise Agreements and Staff Enterprise Agreements for NSW/ACT, QLD/NT, WA, SA, TAS & VIC
  • Wilmar Employee Contracts, Staff Agreements, Enterprise Agreements and Modern Awards where applicable
  • Viridian Employee Contracts, Staff Agreements, Enterprise Agreements and Modern Awards where applicable

In general terms staff agreements / enterprise agreements and modern awards provide a safety net of terms and conditions of employment for salaried employees including:

  • salary
  • allowances
  • part-time work
  • shift work
  • overtime
  • leave
  • holiday pay
  • long service leave
  • redundancy
  • retrenchment

The Association also advises or represents individuals and workgroups to resolve misunderstandings or problems, and in situations where the members have been poorly or unjustly treated by the company.

Given the size of CSR, Holcim, Wilmar and Viridian, even with the best of intentions, things can go wrong. There are many managers, which means from time to time, some may do the wrong thing by their staff. The Association's focus is on representing member's views and endeavouring to help resolve problems within the framework of employment contracts, enterprise agreements, awards, the Fair Work legislation and other legislation where applicable.

The Association provides members with a voice in the workplace, as well as being your personal sounding board on a diverse range of employment and workplace issues. The Association actively seeks to resolve employment and workplace issues for and on behalf of its member cohort.

Don't wait for an invitation - join Salaried Staff United today!

SSU Annual Financial Reports

Every year Salaried Staff United publishes their audited accounts through Fair Work Australia, Registered Organisations Commission and on our own website.

A copy of the most recent Financial Report is located on our Current News page at:[0]=29

Copies of previous Annual Reports, as posted on the Registered Organisations Commission website, can be found on our Annual Operating Reports page at:[0]=36

1 July 2016 - the CSR Salaried Staff Agreement 2016 - Update

On 24 May 2016 the Fair Work Commission (FWC) approved the CSR & Holcim Staff Association's Application for an enterprise agreement known as the CSR Salaried Staff Agreement 2016 (the CSR Agreement) a copy of which is now located on the Staff Association's Awards & Enterprise Agreements web page under the CSR link at URL Salaried Staff United/ CSR Awards. The CSR Agreement began operating and covering CSR salaried employees from 31 May 2016.

The CSR & Holcim Staff Association was the bargaining representative for the CSR Agreement and under the operation of s.183 of the Fair Work Act 2009 the Staff Association is covered by the CSR Agreement.

If CSR Staff have any questions about the CSR Agreement, please contact the SSU Office on 07 3667 7477 or email


Contact Us

CSR, Holcim, Wilmar and Viridian Staff Association known as Salaried Staff United

22 Mowbray Terrace

PO Box 292

07 3667 7477