Member Representatives

Who are they?
What do they do? and
How do YOU become one?

Salaried Staff United’s Member Representatives are valuable contributors in the communication network of the Association and provide invaluable support and assistance to other Members within CSR, Holcim, Wilmar and Viridian group of companies.

The Association needs extra sets of eyes, ears and hands to assist members and to provide feedback to the Association's Executive Council.

Don’t worry, you will not be expected to be up to date on IR matters, the Association has skilled paid professionals for that. You won’t be expected to give advice or assist in negotiations between members and management. That's not your job! You’ve already got one!

 ARE you interested in:

  • Helping your fellow members
  • Improving the comunication flow
  • Building SSU's team network
  • Being a point of contact to help members access support
  • Providing feedback to SSU on local member issues
  • Offering suggestions to the Executive Council on Member needs

We know that not all members have 24/7 access to computers and emails and that sometimes it’s so much easier when you see a newsletter or document on your noticeboard or even better if someone hands it to you.

We also know that you all have busy days at work and home and don’t always read every email.

But we, as an Association don’t want members to miss out on information that might be important or even interesting.

SSU covers a varied group of members with a wide range of locations and workplace practices. A greater number of Member Representatives will build strength into the Association and improve relationships with both Members and the Companies. That strength will allow SSU to support members even more effectively.

We need a troop of members who are prepared to put up their hands to help support the team by being SSU Member Representatives and help create a communication network to support all members.

If you want to raise your hand, and we hope you do, please call SSU on 07 3667 7477 or advise your interest by emailing the SSU Support Desk at . We will arrange for you to have a confidential chat about the possibilities. C’mon, say g’day.


Contact Us

CSR, Holcim, Wilmar and Viridian Staff Association known as Salaried Staff United

22 Mowbray Terrace

PO Box 292

07 3667 7477