Trent Vernon

I am the current EC member for Wilmar. I joined Wilmar on my second and current duration in 2004 at Kalamia Sugar Mill, in 2009 I moved to Invicta Sugar Mill and in 2012 moved to Plane Creek Sugar Mill. I have worked extensively in the Cane Supply & Transport side of our business. But do enjoy the opportunity to work with the Milling section of the business when these moments come along.

My work experiences include Locomotive Driver & Assistant, Traffic Officer (train controller), Logistics Officer, Cane Railway Superintendent & Senior Logistics Officer.

Fundamentally I believe our Wilmar, and all members are genuinely going about their business with best intentions. The SSU has and will always be there as a safety net for our members in times of need.
I encourage you to take the time to peruse our newsletters and get involved with any other communications the organisation sends out to you, this new activity is the organisation steering a path to show you that we are here and we do care.


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